Earth Day Celebration at Emily Oaks Nature Center in Skokie

As part of Drive Electric Earth Day, Chicago for EVs participated in an Earth Day Celebration at the Emily Oaks Nature Center in Skokie. Thanks to the Nature Center’s staff, we got a prime spot right by the entrance to the Center, where we showed off our electric cars and talked to attendees of the event about the benefits of switching from gas to electric.

Anton and Spencer talking about EVs Anton and Spencer talking about EVs

The event helped us reach dozens of people and answer their questions. Many of them asked about specific aspects of living with an EV, and told us they appreciated the opportunity of speaking with real-life owners of EVs, who were friendly, well-informed, and, unlike car dealers or salespeople, did not press them to buy anything. As our volunteers said, the only thing we were selling was the idea – that driving electric instead of gas can benefit both them and the world around them.

Used Leafs can be a great deal! People were excited to hear they could find great deals on used Nissan Leafs

As is the case with many such events, many of the people we spoke with had never experienced an EV up close. We helped change that! Volunteers who brought their cars – a Nissan Leaf, a Tesla Model 3, and two Chevrolet Bolts – invited people to sit inside them, or go on test rides.

Leaf, Model 3, and two Bolts

Like most drivers of EV, all of our volunteers told the attendees that their electric car was the best car they had ever owned.

Bolt owners bonding over how much they love their Chevy Bolts These Bolt owners love their Chevy Bolts

Some people went on rides in all of the different models, just to see how each one felt. Afterwards, they said that that experience convinced them to buy an EV as their next car.

Asking questions about owning an EV in the city

We hope they follow through with that decision.

Big thanks to the Emily Oaks Nature Center for giving us space at their Earth Day Celebration! Chicago for EVs will participate in future events to help more people learn about the benefits and fun of driving electric.

No gas, no engine -- no problem No engine and no gas means less maintenance and more storage space!