Northbrook Earth & Arbor Day Celebration

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, Chicago for EVs organized to bring two electric cars to the Northbrook Earth & Arbor Day Celebration.

The EVs (by chance, both blue Tesla Model 3’s) grabbed many visitors’ attention. While members of the public looked at the cars inside and out, we used the opportunity to talk to them about what it’s like to live with an EV as our only car, answer their questions, and even dispell some myths.

As with many similar events, many attendees had assumed that we were paid to be there by Tesla or another company. They were surprised to learn that we were volunteering to show our cars, for free, simply because we love them, and want to convert more people to driving electric!

Two blue Tesla Model 3's Two blue Tesla Model 3’s

Mike talking about his Model 3 Mike extolling the virtues of his Model 3

Anton explaining the Model 3's interface Anton explaining the Model 3’s interface and features

A child is curious about the Model 3 Future proponent of sustainable transportation